Planning the Learning from Life Placement

The opportunity to go to Orléans, France for my placement was first introduced to me in an introductory session for the module. This opportunity appealed to me for three reasons: I have always wanted to experience a period of time living abroad, I had previously studied French at school and have always wanted to continue in my development of it and I am intrigued to see how similar or different the field of teaching is in different countries.

The organisation of this placement has mostly consisted of email correspondence between myself, Susan and Nina, the placement coordinator and my host in France. These emails consisted of information regarding our accommodation arrangements in France, the details of the school and the teacher I will be partnered with and the arrangements for our welcome. I have also corresponded through email with my teacher on placement, Madame Pascale Berthier, before leaving to go to France to find out if I need to prepare anything in advance of my arrival.