Why teaching?

I have always been interested in being a Primary Teacher.  At school, I enjoyed studying a wide breadth of subjects, from English to Maths, from Art to History.  Teaching, therefore, seemed the obvious choice of career for me, as choosing to follow just one path of study was far too difficult.

I was also fond of the prospect of being an influence to young children, after all, a part from their parents, Primary Teachers have the largest input in the development of a child.  I like how I would have the opportunity to witness, firsthand, how my lessons, my counselling and my guidance can impact another in such a way that I could end up being their future inspiration; much like many of my teachers motivated me to join the profession.

I am very aware that the process of reaching my end goal as a fully qualified Primary Teacher will be a difficult one and at times the job may be trying, but I struggle to think of a career more rewarding than shaping the young minds of today.  For me, the look on a child’s face after they finally understand a concept they have been struggling with for a while will be priceless, rendering all the trials and tribulations insignificant.

In my view, by becoming a Teacher, I would not only have a successful career of my own, but also provide the building blocks for many future, successful careers, providing me with satisfaction to the highest degree.

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  1. Richard Holme

    Hi Lauren. I like that you mention the ‘aha’ moment. This really is one of the best things about teaching. Hopefully you will have a few of these during placement – perhaps you could blog about it afterwards? I would also be interested in knowing what you do next when a child has that feeling (or what you do if you get the same feeling in a lecture or workshop even!).

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