Social Studies: Intial Thoughts

My experience with social studies in school, has always been a positive one, from what I can remember.

After the first few inputs of our social studies elective, I have began to think more about my first statement than I ever have before now. “From what I can remember,” is very telling as to the experience I had. I can remember loving Victorians in P6, because the teacher split us up into families ranging from working class to upper class. We then had to sit in these groups throughout the topic, and wrote diary entries in our literacy jotters about the week we had. This interactive roleplay captured my imagination and I still love this idea to this day! Apart from the odd topic, I struggle to remember many more of social studies from primary school.

Reading about the vast range of skills social studies has to offer and the many opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, I am beginning to see just how important this subject is, to opening up opportunities for children in the classroom. I am looking forward to learning about different ways to teach social studies to ensure that each lesson and topic are memorable and impact the children positively.

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