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How my gender affected my experience of Primary School.

Personally, I feel that my gender did not have much of an impact on my experience of Primary School. I was fortunate enough to attend a Primary School which allowed all of the pupils, male or female, to be equal. It was very uncommon for our Primary to split pupils into all male or all female groups, apart from when it came to sports. Our sports teams were always split into groups based on genders, for example the boys could play football and the girls could play netball. At the time we all felt that this was normal and so thought nothing of it but looking back I can see that this was unfair. Children should be allowed to choose the sport which interests them and not be told which they have to participate in due to their gender.

Apart from being separated during sports, our Primary School was very fair when it came to gender, every pupil was made to feel equal at all times. I am also lucky enough to come from a family that has always supported me in everything I do and who have always encouraged me to be myself and so I never felt as though I had to act in a specific way just because I am female. I have always been encouraged to act in a way that makes me happy, and not to please others. In my opinion, Primary Schools should take the same approach and teach children that it is your individuality that matters and not your gender.