Active Learning and Co-operative Working.

In my opinion, active learning is very beneficial. One of the most important benefits to active learning is that it develops a positive attitude towards learning. It is very common for people to associate education with stress, for example when it comes to exams, however active learning provides the opportunity to associate learning with fun and play. This is beneficial to you as you are more likely to retain and remember information by engaging with learning through the school year, rather than trying to memorise everything last minute for an exam. I also feel the by engaging with your learning you will develop more confidence towards you own knowledge and understanding of topics.

Personally, I think that co-operative working is a very useful teaching strategy as it provides an opportunity for people of different levels of ability to use a wider range of learning techniques to better their knowledge of a topic. Co-operative working gives each member of the group a sense of responsibility – you feel responsible for learning what you are being taught, and also for teaching your peers and trying to help them to develop their understanding. Co-operative working is also a beneficial strategy as it helps pupils to get to know each other better and so can develop relationships between peers. Co-operative learning allows for discussion between peers and so can cover a large range of viewpoints and give a wider insight into topics, allowing pupils to see all aspects and potentially discuss aspects which the teacher has not covered. Working as a group also improves communication skills and so is not only beneficial in the school environment but in social situations as well.

3 thoughts on “Active Learning and Co-operative Working.

  1. M Mackie

    This was an interesting post, thank you. Have you considered adding a little definition or example of what each of these types of learning are/ look like? I think that it would add an extra level of understanding for the readers. Your understanding of the benefits of active and cooperative learning are clear. Have you ever experienced times when there were barriers or challenges to these methods?

  2. Shannon McGuckin

    This was a really good piece Katie which I enjoyed reading. I really liked that you brought up the idea of children with different abilities working together. I remember at school always turning to my friends when I didnt understand something as they seemed to simplfy things. I think that this is a really effective way of learning!


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