MA1 Placement


1) Behaviour Management

I have decided to set behaviour management as one of my personal goals for placement as I feel that it is an area which causes me slight concern when it comes to my MA1 placement. This placement is my first experience of actually being the teacher, rather than just a classroom assistant and so I feel that there is now more responsibility placed on behaviour management. Although I have witnessed behaviour management techniques being put in place before, this will be my first experience of actually putting these strategies into place. I am hoping that this placement will allow me to discover some new techniques, and to ind techniques which I feel could work for me in the future.

2) Communication Skills

Throughout 1PP1, I would like to develop and enhance my communication skills. These are essential skills when it comes to teaching, and I want to ensure that I am always understood by the pupils. Developing my communication skills also means that I will always be able to understand the pupils and their viewpoints.

3) Lesson Planning
Within this placement, I aim to improve my lesson planning skills to make sure that all of my lessons are suitable to each individual’s needs. I also want my lessons to be engaging and motivating for the pupils.

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