Display Posts

The Display Posts Shortcode allows users to easily display listings of posts. This allows you to create sets of navigation links on your site easily. Note: the Make theme has a similar function built into its page builder template. With the blocks editor you can use the Query Loop block. Display Posts Shortcode can be more flexible but more complex to style than these other options..

Add the shortcode in a post or page, and use the arguments to select based on tag, category, post type, and many other possibilities.

There are also some extra options to display something more than just the title: include_date, include_excerpt, and image_size.

Simple Example

to display all the pages on this site [display-posts post_type="page" ]

Example with Thumbnails

[display-posts post_type="page" post_parent="8" image_size="thumbnail" posts_per_page=3]

gives, note we use image_size to show the page’s featured image and posts_per_page to lint the number

Examples in the Wild

Film Class a blog of film literacy tasks for the classroom used the display posts plugin to provide visual indexes.