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Web Accessibility is the concept of allowing as many people as possible to access the information on the page, who may have problems due to disabilities or other factors.

It is a complex area. There are many barriers to people trying to access your site. We have an overiew of some of the technology on Glow Blogs that may help: Accessibility on Glow Blog Help.

WordPress, the software used on Glow Blogs is committed to improving accessibility: Accessibility |

Most of the themes we use in glow: Twenty Twenty-Two, Twenty Twenty-One, Twenty Twenty, Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Thirteen are considered by WordPress as having passed their basic accessibility requirements.


To make images accessible to screen readers using by people who have visual impairments they should have an alternative text or alt text added to them. You can easily do this when uploading images. 


There are several plugins that can help with accessibility, either by improving the accessibility of your site directly or by providing tools for visitors to use. The widget on this sit that allows you to toggle contrast or font size is one improvement that is easy to make. There is more details on the main help blog accessibility page.