School Sites

school icon Lots of schools use Glow Blogs to provide a school web site. Typically this will contain fairly static information and may also include news from the school and/or classes and departments.

  • Keep parents and others up to date.
  • Raise the profile of your school.
  • Celebrate achievements of pupils and school.
  • Advertise and document events and activities.
  • Get feedback/communication from children and parents.
  • Distribute newsletters and other documents.


Schools will often have a lot of information for parents and other visitors. Their sites may use a lot of pages and organise access to these pages through a menu system. They may still have news from both the school and classes which will use Posts as well.

Often School sites will have a static front page as opposed to the latest posts. 

Some schools may just want a one page site that links to other sites, twitter, facebook and their Local Authority website.


School sites are likely to be fairly complex ones. It is best to have a good grasp of WordPress basics and understand the concepts of posts, pages and menus and how they work together. 

The Help Blog has more information and suggestions for building a school site, the Getting Started page is a good place to start.

There are many techniques to enhance blogs that may be useful. It is best to work on the basic structure before considering these.


Here are some simple examples sites with the same content using different themes. Each had many pages of information. They also have posts from their classes accessed from subitems in the classes menu. They all could be enhanced in many ways. It is simple to switch themes on a blog. It is probably more important to get the purpose and structure worked out first.