Site Editing

In June 2023 we updated the version of WordPress and included 2 new themes: Twenty Twenty-two and Twenty Twenty-three. These are themes that support Site Editing. This means these themes are a lot more customisable than standard WordPress themes.

Twenty Twenty-Two is the first-ever default block theme

Twenty Twenty-Three includes a collection of ten community-submitted style variations.

Full site editing’s features, include:

  • Site Editor: an editor that allows you to edit all parts of your site, navigate between templates, and more.

  • Styles: a feature that allows you to customize your site, including individual blocks, as much as you’d like with different colors, typography, layouts, and more.

  • Templates: edit, create, and manage templates used by pages, posts, and other content.

  • Template parts: a way to organize and display groups of blocks as part of a block template mainly for site structure, like Headers and Footers.

  • Theme blocks including the Navigation block, Query Loop block, and more.

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