Study Retreat

Mr McFarlane and myself (Miss Rothery) took a lovely group of fifth and sixth years to Abernethy Barcaple for a study retreat.

We revised for upcoming exams and got to complete various outdoors activities (including archery and obstacle courses!) It was a fun and productive weekend! We are so proud of our pupils and their dedication, commitment and positivity!

What will we do?


-Study in small group, pairs or individually (mornings and late afternoon)
-You will receive a study pack, but should bring in any of your own revision notes as well
-Staff will be there to help you revise/teach you study skills
-Participate in team-building activities (obstacle courses, games etc.)
-Learn new skills (last year we attempted archery!)
-Gain new friendships
-Enjoy the delicious food offered throughout the day!
-Have a fun, productive and unforgettable weekend!