Active studying

You may be an athlete or just a learner who doesn’t gain much from sitting for hours studying. Think about what style best suites you!


Some ideas for active learning & revising….


  1. Go for a walk with a friend and talk through key definitions for science or computing. You could even practice lines for Drama or help each other memorise quotations in English

  2. Record yourself speaking French or Spanish and listen back to yourself as you walk, run or complete household chores!

  3. Get creative!!! Paint or illustrate images to help you recall key terms, characters or concepts.

  4. Make a timeline – online or illustrate one! For Modern Studies or History

  5. Act it out! Act out the poem you are studying in English or the text you might be reading and writing about. You could even do this for Social Subjects.

  6. Become YouTube famous! Just kidding. But you could make short videos to revise content in various subjects. You don’t need to publish them, just record for your OWN revision!

  7. TEACH IT! The best way to learn something is to teach it! So get a small group of your friends or family and pretend you are presenting (your subject/materials for revision) to them!