Cornell note-taking method

This is a great way to divide up your notes and study key concepts.
Using lined A4 or a lined A4 jotter, separate your page into 3 areas.

The left hand side (1) is where you can write down questions/ broad topics
The right hand side (2) is where you bullet point answers to the questions on the left
The bottom box (3) is where you summarise this information.



^You might change the 1, 2 and 3 depending on what you are revising.

For example, in Biology, you could use 1 for key terms, 2 for the definition of each term and 3 to summarise the topic you are studying.

Or, in History, you might write Key Events of WWII in 1, in 2 specify the key events and in 3 analyse the significance of each event.

In English, you could be studying 6 poems for your Scottish Set Text. In 1, you might write the poem title, in 2 you could summarise the themes and in 3 you could explain how they link together  (which is part of your final question in this part of the exam!)

Find out which works best for you!!