My enquiry question – first draft

Focus – reading attitudes in children attending an inclusion base

Question – what strategies can inclusion practitioners use to support the development of positive reading attitudes in children attending an inclusion base.

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  1. Heather, this sounds like a really interesting and valuable line of enquiry, particularly as encouraging reading can lead to improved literacy. Are you going to be focusing on a particular pupil or group for this enquiry? How many strategies are you going to try throughout this? I am really looking forward to seeing the results from this, I think encouraging positive reading attitudes is great and teaching kids that reading can be for more than just school is never a bad thing!



    1. At the moment, I do not actually have any pupils in my inclusion base as it had been closed due to Covid-19 restrictions but the plan is to reopen at the start of next term. I do not have any pupils officially enrolled to start in January although I am fairly certain of two or three children who are likely to attend. The maximum number of children we would take during a session would be six although we can run a morning session and an afternoon session. All children who attend the base during the Jan-March period will be considered – however realistically this will only be around 4-6 pupils as I don’t see us being allowed to run different morning and afternoon sessions (i.e. with different children)

  2. I like this question, Heather. From your previous post, I wondered if you would be going down the route of making use of digital resources – is this the case? If so, you might want to focus your question further to something like, ‘how can digital resources be used by inclusion practitioners to support the development…’ Or do you have a variety of strategies in mind?

  3. Hi Heather, this is a similar line of enquiry to me as I will also be focussing on engagement with reading but with within the classroom.

    I will be interested to find out how you get on. Good luck!

    1. I will go in and have a look for yours. I am having to change mine and focus on practitioner attitudes as there are no plans in place to reopen my base.

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