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Why teaching?

Well, it’s amazing to think that this time last year, I was making one of the biggest decisions of my life; what was I going to do once I left 6th year? Now, a whole year later, here I am at the University of Dundee about to start my big adventure into the world of teaching.

It was pretty easy for me to make my choice of career. Having done work experience over the course of last year and the year before, it was clear in my mind that teaching was definitely what I wanted to do. It was, however, one lesson in particular that influenced my decision. I was on placement in a nursery, and there were several children struggling with sellotape. I showed them a fun technique on how to find the edge of the tape. It was when I came back the following week, the group of kids that I’d showed it to the week prior, were then teaching their own friends and classmates how to do it. It gave me a positive clarification that yes Gemma, you can do this (or at least give it a good go)!

I have also been a member of Girlguiding Orkney for 13 years. Doing volunteering with the younger Brownies and Guides furthered my ambition to work with children. I absolutely loved it. Teaching them extra curricular skills that they can use in not only different aspects of life, but also as they progress through Girlguiding itself.

Music and drama are two extra passions of mine. Using the skills gained from that particular subjects in a classroom environment has come at a huge advantage, especially when communicating with younger children.

I would say that I am most looking forward to going on placement, and the reason that is is because during the year, I will develop new skills and qualities that I can then try out in the classroom once more. I’m really hoping that I can improve my academic writing and organisational skills. These are crucial to have as a teacher. Being in a classroom and engaging with the young minds of children is what I have enjoyed doing in work experience, so I can’t wait to see how this year goes. Just hoping that Miss Harcus has a good ring to it!