SpyQuest and DigiLearnScot


Have you always dreamt of becoming a super spy?…Well your secret agent staff training can begin right now!

On Thursday 5th March there will be an event to train specially gifted staff recruits which will be held at Educations Scotland, Floor 9, Optima Building, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow starting at 17:00 hours.

Only the best will do… if you believe you have outstanding abilities and obvious potential to be a SUPER SPY then sign up to the event by emailing digitallearningcommunity@gmail.com

As part of the Digital Learning Week, Education Scotland will be holding an entertaining and informative event for practitioners with a passion for technology and a sense of fun. Once you arrive at the Optima building you will put into teams. Your own personal agent will lead you through a series of secret missions while you learn about different innovative technologies and find out about the different events that have been held throughout #DigiLearnScot week.

Should you choose to accept this mission you will be entering the secret world of international espionage. You will be competing against and training along with fellow recruits testing your special agent skills, breaking secret codes and much more…