Build-a-space live from Lockerbie

5thMarch2015Calling all educators!

Welcome to Build-a-space live from Lockerbie!

You too can have the online learning space of your dreams! Maybe it’s a space for your class, your CfE projects, your parents? Whatever it is, we will do our very best to make it happen.

We have assembled a ‘crack team’ of experts from the Digital Learning & Teaching Team (Pam Currie, John Sexton, Ian Stuart, oh and me, Con Morris!)

The team will be assembling (some online and some in person on Lockerbie campus) on Thursday, 5th March to support you and build your spaces until all our pointers are exhausted.

How to take part

  • If you are in the Lockerbie area, feel free to pop in to the Primary School library area and make your request in person.
  • You can make requests and book some time on the Learning Spaces community on Glow
  • The whole thing will be broadcast online using various Glow Lync rooms

NMS – Dinosaur Discovery

Small - Dinosaur NMSGlow TV once again returns to the National Museum of Scotland on Tuesday 24th February at 1.30pm to find out more about our past and this time we are going back to prehistoric times to find out more about dinosaurs!

Explore fossil evidence to discover clues about how dinosaurs lived. Join the team at National Museums Scotland who will take you through some fun experiments and calculations to find out some facts and figures about dinosaur life.

Scotland’s Glowing Global

Small - 1+2 DigiLearnHave you Got the 1 + 2 Factor?

The 1 + 2 Factor is a nationwide competition for Scottish education establishments. We are asking clusters to work together using any of the tools within Glow to create learning spaces which will help them with the transition from primary to secondary and the implementation of 1 + 2.

Successful clusters from across Scotland will be chosen to take part in the final event on the 30th September 2015 to showcase their work and then take part in a fun interactive afternoon using digital technologies to enhance language experiences.

  1. Why should you take part?

It has been highlighted by SCILT that links between the secondary school and its associated primary schools have become increasingly important for additional language learning. Clusters must work together to decide which languages will be studied. Secondary departments must know what has been delivered and how. Assessment information should be shared. In best practice, secondary school language departments will have regular contact with the associated primary schools.

Some senior managers have expressed concern over having sufficient time to devote to language learning and over maintaining sufficient numbers of trained staff. It will be important for school management teams and local authorities to work together to address these concerns. The 1+2 Factor hopes to encourage clusters to work together to address these issues.

  1. How do I take part?

In Glow O365 you will find the 1 + 2 Factor site:

Here you can find out about important dates and find useful links and documents to help you create your learning experiences. This is also where you can enter your cluster for the event.

For more information watch the 1 + 2 Factor Glow TV event on Wednesday 4th March. Register here to take part in this event in Glow TV.

St Michael’s and #digilearnscot Week

St_MichaelsThe learners of St Michael’s primary in Dumfries and Galloway Council are delighted to do their bit for #digilearnscot week!

Supported by Mrs Cubbon, they will be the first class to take up the Digital Storytelling Challenge on Monday 2nd March

On Thursday 5th, the St Michael’s team will be doing yet more storytelling and taking the time to present and record some of the ways that they use technology in their learning.

There are two ways that learners and educators from all over Scotland can join in:

newsfeedOne – Post messages for the St Michael’s young learners using the tag #stmichaels on the Glow Learners’ community at

digilearn_wikiWatch for the contributions on the Digilearn wiki as soon as possible

Digital Leaders at Kirklandneuk Primary School, Monday 2nd March at 3.30 pm

On Monday, 2nd March at 3.30 pm come and learn via Glow TV all about Digital Leaders. Class Teacher Natalie Lochhead, who is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, will share her insights and ideas from her own experience in developing this in a Primary school setting.

Digital Leaders are part of a wider network of schools across the UK who train and support teachers and pupils in ICT. Natalie Lochhead started the process of employing Digital Leaders by employing children, who felt confident with ICT, to be part of a team of experts from Primary 4 to Primary 7.

The children teach full class lessons, support during ICT slots and have supported teachers in the daunting experience for some, of using iPads in the classroom.

Digital Leaders is a truly wonderful pupil group in Kirklandneuk Primary School and a must have for all schools.

Register now to take part in Glow TV.

Aberdeen City and Shire TeachMeet #DigiLearnScot on Monday, 2nd March, 6.30 – 9.00 pm

Aberdeen City and Shire TeachMeet for #DigiLearnScot

Monday 2nd March

6:30 – 9.00 pm

MacRobert Building, Kings College Campus, University of Aberdeen

Live streaming video on the night via GlowTV

Sign up here to attend the event:

Sign up here for to register and watch via Glow TV:

Learn something new, be amazed, amused and enthused. This is an informal gathering of those curious about teaching and technology. Anyone can share great ideas they’ve trialled in their classrooms, ask important questions or simply sign up to take part in learning conversations. The national Digital Learning Week is being promoted by the National Digital Learning Forum (NDLF).

Everyone involved in education is welcome at this TeachMeet: primary, secondary, further education, higher education, probationary teachers and student teachers!

TeachMeet DigiLearnScot (Aberdeen City and Shire Edition)

6:30 pm Nibbles and refreshments,

7:00 – 7:10 pm TeachMeet #DigilLearnScot introduction

7.10 – 7.50pm Four 7-minute presentations and three 2-minute presentations

7.50 – 8.15pm Refreshments / Networking time

8.15 – 9.00pm Four 7-minute presentations and three 2-minute presentations

9.00 pm Close

Dundee Digital Technology Sharing Event – Tuesday, 3rd March, 5 pm – 7 pm

Teachers from Dundee and neighbouring authorities are invited to attend this Digital Technologies event in the Dundee Science Centre. Dundee Teachers can book via Dundee’s internal CPD online system and anyone else wishing to attend can contact

Local technology & games design companies, Universities and partner agencies will exhibit and share knowledge and experiences of employability within the technology industry.

Schools will exhibit and share some of the innovative ways in which digital technologies are impacting on learning and teaching.

There will also be an opportunity to take part in a workshop with Dundee University to learn inspiring and engaging ways to teach Binary Coding with some of our younger learners.

This is a great opportunity for you to come along and learn something new. Give IT a go and join us for this exciting event!

Digital TeachMeet Falkirk on Thursday, 5th March, 5 pm – 7 pm

Digital TeachMeet Falkirk #DigiLearnScot

Thursday 5 March 2015

5pm – 7pm

Refreshments from 4:30pm

St Mungo’s High School, Falkirk, FK2 7JT

Education professionals from any sector and from any geographical area are invited to this TeachMeet which has a theme of the use of technology to enhance the learning of our pupils. Anyone can share great ideas no matter how big or how small as long as it incorporates the use of technologies. Find out more and sign up here:

Email the organisers via

Follow on Twitter @FDTeachMeet

Digital storytelling across Scotland

Calling all learners!

From 2nd to 6th March, we’re going to co-create stories using Word Online on Glow.

There will be story starters published at 9am on the 2nd March. At 9.30, the learners of St Michael’s Primary in Dumfries will write the first chapter.

Classes who sign up each get about an hour to write their chapter of the story. The twist is the storyline and characters have to flow, that’s the fun bit! Any learner or educator can ‘tune in’ and see the story developing live.

By the end of the week, we will have three fab co-written stories!

There are three separate storytelling experiences. To take part, you should ask your teacher to read the Teacher guide – storytelling for digilearnscot week and sign you up on one of the spaces on Glow


Light bulb with colorful education iconAnother learning experience brought to you by #digilearnscot

SpyQuest and DigiLearnScot


Have you always dreamt of becoming a super spy?…Well your secret agent staff training can begin right now!

On Thursday 5th March there will be an event to train specially gifted staff recruits which will be held at Educations Scotland, Floor 9, Optima Building, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow starting at 17:00 hours.

Only the best will do… if you believe you have outstanding abilities and obvious potential to be a SUPER SPY then sign up to the event by emailing

As part of the Digital Learning Week, Education Scotland will be holding an entertaining and informative event for practitioners with a passion for technology and a sense of fun. Once you arrive at the Optima building you will put into teams. Your own personal agent will lead you through a series of secret missions while you learn about different innovative technologies and find out about the different events that have been held throughout #DigiLearnScot week.

Should you choose to accept this mission you will be entering the secret world of international espionage. You will be competing against and training along with fellow recruits testing your special agent skills, breaking secret codes and much more…

TeachMeet Digital Learning at Preston Lodge High School

This TeachMeet is in Preston Lodge High School, Park View, Prestonpans, EH32 9QJ and is part of the National Digital Learning Community’s Digital Learning Week. The programme looks like this:

6pm Arrival & Networking
6.20pm Welcome & Introduction
6.30pm Micro & Nano Presentations I
7.05pm Learning Conversations
7.25pm Micro & Nano Presentations II
7.55pm Closing Remarks
8pm Close

You can sign up for clicking on the link below and entering your details in the document. You have four options when signing up…although one of these options is to attend and join in, we really need some folk to sign up to be presenters or to lead learning conversations – otherwise it won’t be much of a TeachMeet! As this is part of the Digital Learning Week, we’re really wanting presentations and conversations which focus on digital learning…with a real emphasis on the *learning*. In other words, not just what digital tools are you using, but why are you using them and what impact are they having on learning in your context. PowerPoint is strongly discouraged in all types of presentations. Presenters will be chosen at random on the night.

So, your options are…

  • You can sign up to attend and be prepared to deliver a 7-minute micro presentation.
  • You can sign up to attend and be prepared to deliver a 2-minute nano presentation.
  • You can sign up to attend and lead a learning conversation…you’ll be asked to suggest a discussion question when signing up, please make this related to digital learning. You can ask a question that you’re grappling with yourself, if you are other people will be too. And yes, you can sign up to lead a learning conversation as well as signing up to present you keen bean you.
  • You can sign up to attend…but you’ll still be expected to join right in and share your thoughts and ideas.

If this sounds like this is right up your street then click the link below and get yourself signed up…

Share – Do – Develop! ​Scottish Digital Learning Week: 2 – 6 March​



SAVE DATES*Sync with our public calendar

The aim of the National Digital Learning Week is to:

  • share the innovative and exciting ways in which learners are using digital technologies in school
  • develop a National Digital Learning Community comprising teachers/educators across Scotland
  • encourage pledges from educators about what they are going to do next to change their practice

Have a look at what is happening.

Be inspired and get involved

This is your chance to give I.T. a go!


If you have an idea of your own

Get in touch with us using whichever method below suits and let us know what you’r planning


glowpurple.fw Use Glow


Log on to

Use the events button Events to tell us your plans.


Snip20150207_2 Use Email

Email to share your plans.

We will include them in our calendar of events for you.


Snip20150207_4 Use Twitter



Tweet @ndlcscot what you are planning – remember to use the #digilearnscot

Please let us know if your event is going to be public or private.

Tune into the Brydekirk LearnMeet!

brydekirk_PrimaryYou may have heard of TeachMeets, where teachers take turns to share their practice? Well, the learners of Brydekirk Primary in Dumfries and Galloway Council are running their own LearnMeet.

Hosted by Mr Archibald, the Brydekirk learners will take turns to ‘pop-up’ and share the whats and whys of their favourite learning. It takes place on Thursday 5th March and kicks off at 11am.

There are two ways that learners and educators from all over Scotland can join in using their Glow access:

newsfeedOne – Post messages for the Brydekirk  young learners using the tag #learnmeet on the Glow Learners’  community at
glow_tv Two – Take part in the event live via Glow TV – Register now in Glow TV to take part.


Donald Meek Award 2015

The Gaelic Books Council is inviting submissions for the Donald Meek Award 2015 which aims to encourage new and creative writing.   This may be poetry, short stories, novels or drama.   Academic works and research studies written in English related to Gaelic are also invited.

For more information, please contact or Applications must be submitted no later than Friday 3 April 2015.

Working with Scotland’s Communities ‐ A survey of who does community learning and development (CLD) in Scotland – online survey now open

peopleWorking with Scotland’s communities is a national study to find out more about the diverse range of paid workers and volunteers that provide community learning and development across Scotland. The online survey aimed at the organisations that employ these workers and volunteers is now open until Friday 10 April.

We know that community learning and development approaches are used by workers and volunteers with a variety of job titles in a range of different organisations in the community, voluntary and public sectors.

We want to hear from as many of these organisations as possible to build a current national picture of how many workers and volunteers there are, what they do, and what their training and development issues are. Please be aware that we’re only looking for one response on behalf of each organisation or service.

The findings from the survey will be used to inform national community learning and development policy and planning.

Working with Scotland’s communities is being carried out by Education Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government, with help and support from the following national partners – Youthlink Scotland; The Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC); The Workers Educational Association (WEA); The CLD Standards Council for Scotland; and CLD Managers Scotland.

For more information and to access the survey, please go to the Working with Scotland’s communities page on the Education Scotland website.

St Michael’s and #digilearnscot Week

St_MichaelsThe learners of St Michael’s primary in Dumfries and Galloway Council are delighted to do their bit for #digilearnscot week!

Supported by Mrs Cubbon, they will be the first class to take up the Digital Storytelling Challenge on Monday 2nd March

On Thursday 5th, the St Michael’s team will be doing yet more storytelling and taking the time to present and record some of the ways that they use technology in their learning.

There are two ways that learners and educators from all over Scotland can join in:

newsfeedOne – Post messages for the St Michael’s young learners using the tag #stmichaels on the Glow Learners’  community at

digilearn_wikiWatch for the contributions on the Digilearn wiki as soon as possible