Game on Scotland – Sciences Learning Zone

On the 4th of February, our Game on Scotland Sciences panel set a real life problem solving STEM challenge for you and your learners.

The STEM Challenge
Learners will identify a piece of sporting equipment used in one of the 17 Commonwealth events Sports and demonstrate how they would improve the design to enhance performance or design a completely new piece of equipment for a particular sport.

Each team of learners will then present their design to the Dragon’s Den, which will consist of experts from the STEM subjects, at our second Sciences Learning Zone event on 25th February at 11am.
Inspiration for the challenge can be accessed through the Game on Scotland Science of Sport Learning Journey

Join schools who took part in the challenge to explore how they went about solving the problems.

Take part in the discussion and share your strategies and solutions with the country. Did you use the same strategies or different ones? Are some more efficient than others?

Join us and find out!