Cineworld Education Events

Cineworld has partnered with a number of organisations to create some unique learning opportunities this year.

First on 18th March at 10.30am we have a special schools encore screening of War Horse from the National Theatre. PG 8 cert 180mins

Substantial teaching resources are available at:

On 31st March at 10.00am there is a live interactive Q&A with the author Michael Morpurgo and a screening of Private Peaceful. U Cert 180mins

Every child has the opportunity to submit a question to the author and will receive a free copy of his book A Medal For Leroy.

On 5th June we have a live presentation from the British Museum’s Viking exhibition, last years Pompeii presentation was very popular and this is sure to be the same and directly relevant to the curriculum. U cert 60mins

Finally on 17th March at 7.15pm there is an opportunity to see the amazing documentary Hubble and hear a talk and Q&A by the wonderful Professor Martin Hendry from Glasgow University Astrophysics department.  U cert 90mins 

 These events are only available in cinemas. For details of which Cineworld cinemas in Scotland are screening these events please see

For bookings and any other queries please contact Gow Gibson, Education Officer at   0141 419 1740 or 07815707921

STEM Central Food Security Learning Journeys

Education Scotland has produced a series of second level learning journeys addressing the subject of Food Security, which is about people having enough food and water to survive.

There are many factors affecting food security around the world such as natural disasters and the weather, which can lead to malnutrition, disease and ultimately death.

Science, technology and maths play an important part in improving food security through, for example, the development of new drought resistant crops, fertilisers and pesticides.  

The food security learning journeys enable learners to develop an understanding of plant life cycle and growth conditions, recognise the importance of a biodiverse ecosystem and understand that all life depends on plants. There are also Teachers’ Notes and additional resources to support the learning experiences.  

Access the food security learning journeys and resources on Stem Central through:

National Literacy Network – March 2014

The NLN Conference is once again taking place in Stirling Management Centre on Thursday 6th March and for those of you who are unable to attend we will be broadcasting two sessions live from there on the day.

Our first live broadcast is a Keynote presentation from David Didau, literacy specialist, teacher, author and blogger. He will discuss and explore writing across the curriculum.

This session will be broadcast from 9:40am.

Our second live broadcast is the popular 10 minute presentation slot. Practitioners from a range of establishments will share ideas and practice related to Writing.

This session will be broadcast from 11.50am.

We hope that you can join us live on the day but if not the recordings will be available in Watch Again.

Artist Will MacLean Talks to Glow

What inspires a leading contemporary artist? How does an artist go about his work? How do I develop as an artist? If you’ve ever had questions like these then this is the Glow TV event for you!

As part of the preparation for the MUSA Young Artist Award 2014 renowned Fife-based artist Will Maclean will be talking about his life and work and will be answering YOUR questions.

Will is going to speak briefly about his own work and career before taking your questions.

The MUSA Young Artist Award is an art competition for schools in Fife organised by the Museum of the University of St Andrews.

Schools from all over Scotland are invited to participate in this Glow TV event on Thursday 27th February at 10.45am. Sign up and join us in Glow TV!

SCHOLAR – Modern Languages Revision

On 25th February Glow TV is delighted to offer Higher and Advanced Higher Students the opportunity to join a session on Modern Languages provided by SCHOLAR. These sessions will be presented by Douglas Angus, SCHOLAR Online Tutor for Modern Languages.

There will also be an opportunity for students to participate in a Q&A session at the end of the session.

Modern Languages Higher students – Getting better marks for reading – 7.30pm – 8.15pm

Modern Languages Advanced Higher students – Reading: how to do better and deal with inferential question – 8.15pm – 9pm

Game on Scotland – Sciences Learning Zone

On the 4th of February, our Game on Scotland Sciences panel set a real life problem solving STEM challenge for you and your learners.

The STEM Challenge
Learners will identify a piece of sporting equipment used in one of the 17 Commonwealth events Sports and demonstrate how they would improve the design to enhance performance or design a completely new piece of equipment for a particular sport.

Each team of learners will then present their design to the Dragon’s Den, which will consist of experts from the STEM subjects, at our second Sciences Learning Zone event on 25th February at 11am.
Inspiration for the challenge can be accessed through the Game on Scotland Science of Sport Learning Journey

Join schools who took part in the challenge to explore how they went about solving the problems.

Take part in the discussion and share your strategies and solutions with the country. Did you use the same strategies or different ones? Are some more efficient than others?

Join us and find out!