Planning for Learning and Teaching around the Commonwealth Games @DundeeSciLearn

 The Flying Scots: sciences and technologies in cycling, speed and sporting success”

How does science and technology make sporting greats? Planning for learning and teaching around forces, body systems, materials and technologies in the context of cycling for second and third level

Wednesday 12th February 2014 1615 – 1830

 Follow in the tracks of great Scottish cyclists (such as Sir Chris Hoy and Graeme Obree) as we investigate how advancements in science and technology are behind some of our greatest sporting moments in cycling.  We will also explore other connections between sciences and technologies, and Olympic and Commonwealth success.

An opportunity to explore ideas, get hands-on with engaging practical and hear from practitioners who have used cycling as an interdisciplinary learning context at second and third level. We will discuss how to make use of resources published by Education Scotland as part of Game On Scotland. Recommended for: Practitioners planning for learning and teaching at second and third level in sciences. 

This event will be held at Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee, DD1 4HN. A number of charitable trust funded places are available. If you are interested, please contact us on The session runs from 1630 – 1830 with arrival for registration and refreshments from 1615.


School Fest 2014

School Fest 2014 is a new concept giving all UK schools the opportunity to participate in a national competition.

There is a category for Secondary Schools and one for Primary schools and all the submissions are entered online by the school, therefore all UK schools can participate no matter where their location, as there are no transport costs involved.

The majority of schools in the UK have pupils who participate in one or more of the following:-
An end of term show
A choir
An orchestra
An in house school talent competition
Talented musicians
Talented individual vocalists
Dance, drama and other performing arts groups

This is an opportunity for schools to show their skills in performing arts to a wide audience across the UK
School Fest is a great way to bring the school together in all performing arts whilst creating an environment in which pupils can gain confidence and develop skills in performance and multimedia resources by receiving independent feedback.

All schools that enter will receive written feedback on their entries from experienced industry professionals who have no contact with that region and are not familiar with the schools or any of the pupils.
Teachers and pupils will have the chance to represent the school by attending the regional and UK finals at one of the six live Talent Fest UK events but this is not obligatory.

There is no cost to the school to participate, however, Chase the Stage Events will ask schools to make all the pupils aware that they can attend any of the live Talent Fest UK festivals throughout the UK on an individual basis, if they are talented and wish to enter the National Competitions held on the day.

Download a copy of the School Fest Info Pack.

‘Meet’ Holly Cram, the Game On Ambassador: Thur, 30 Jan, 10am

‘Game On Scotland’ Special:

Holly Cram – the Game On Scotland Ambassador live on Glow

30 January, 10.00

Join here:

Holly, a Scottish International Hockey player with over 140 caps, has join the Game On Scotland Team as official ambassador to assist schools in making the most of the exciting opportunities the 2014 Commonwealth Games offer young people.

Holly will tell you about her exciting career as a international hockey player and share some of her insights into what makes a successful team player. She will also answer any questions you always wanted to ask a top athlete!

See you all on Thursday! Game On!

Skills for Learning, Life and Work

Education Scotland has entered into dialogue with a range of stakeholders to highlight key issues surrounding skills for life, learning and work. As part of this we have been running a series of conversation days which allow key issues to be identified and discussed across sectors, and enable focussed action planning. We have also developed a skills blog where a range of useful resources and links can be found. The link below will direct you to the blog. Please browse the site and we would welcome both your comments and the sharing of your experiences of skills across the curriculum.

Our first skills conversation day was held on September 5th in Loch Leven Community Campus, Kinross. The morning provided stimulating conversation pieces, and facilitated discussions among delegates to identify key issues for the afternoon session. Three issues were identified and taken forward to the ‘implemento’ table discussion in the afternoon, these were:

• Develop common language and understanding of skills
• Effectively plan for progression in the development of skills
• Ensure employers are fully engaged in young people’s learning

An outline of the range of discussions and subsequent actions can be found under the ‘skills conversation session 2’ using the link below.

Please feel free to leave comments as we would very much value your thoughts and ideas on the above points.
Further to this, the blog also contains a selection of presentations from each of the conversation pieces from a range of stakeholders from schools to Scottish Government.

Expressive Arts Support Materials for National Qualifications

Support materials for the following courses are now available on the Education Scotland NQ Course Materials pages(glow login required).

Art & Design: National 3 and Higher
Music: National 3 and Higher
Music Technology: National 3 and Higher

The course materials have been prepared by teachers for teachers. They draw from three sources – course materials commissioned by Education Scotland, other support materials produced by teachers seconded to Education Scotland and course materials provided by teachers through their Education Authorities.

Further materials will be added as they become available.

Scotland’s Environment Web competition, closing date extended until 31st March 2014

The Youth Discussion competition is still open; why not enter this weekend for a chance to win a unique prize?

What is the competition about?

What needs to change in your local community that will make a difference to your environment and what role can you play in making it happen?

We want you to answer the question and tell us how you can make your environment better.

Gillian from Keep Scotland Beautiful explains the prize they are offering – with a little help from her furry friends!  

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all young people throughout Scotland between the ages of 5-18 whether through your school, as part of a group or as an individual. Prizes to be won include a backstage tour of the Hydro, tickets to the Irn Bru Carnival 2014/2015 and the Teen Drive electric car event at Knockhill and gadgets like tablets!

 Get your entry in soon and don’t miss out!

Tigtag – new online primary science resource!

Education Scotland is delighted to announce that schools can now access Tigtag an award-winning online science resource for primary schools, free of charge through Glow.

We have agreed a 12 month national education licence with Twig World which allows Scottish schools to have unlimited access to this great resource.            

Schools across the country are currently using Twig on Glow to access almost 1500 top quality short films. Tigtag provides a superb addition to this resource, and provides valuable support to primary practitioners to assist in the effective teaching of the Sciences Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.

It provides access to:

• background information, relating to the key concepts identified in the science organisers, and quality films to support and enhance teaching and learning in the sciences.

• planning resources, investigation sheets, practical challenges and succinct clear lesson plans, providing a range of contexts for learning which draw on important aspects of everyday life and work.

• interactive lesson packages to help stimulate the interest and motivation of all learners and support staff in planning challenging, engaging and enjoyable learning and teaching activities.

• a “What Happens Next?” and “Scientific Enquiry” section to encourage learners to engage in dialogue, developing their investigative and inquiry skills.

Explore the world of Tigtag and  Twig on Glow science with your learners through  Log in using your Glow password.

HWB – Choices and Changes Event

Education Scotland would like to invite practitioners and partner agencies working with young people in all sectors around Scotland with an interest in raising young people’s awareness of future choices and goals to the following event.

Planning for Choices and Changes

When:            Friday 28th February
Where:           Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh
Time:              9.30 / 10.00 am to 3.30 pm

This event will be of value to practitioners with responsibility for supporting young people through transitions with the vision of achieving a positive and sustained destination. This event will focus on skills for work, life and learning,  supporting learners to develop their understanding of, employability skills, future choices, profiling, youth achievement and personal development awards and enhancing college partnership working and making connections across Curriculum for Excellence and into the world of work.

Keynote speakers will provide an opportunity for inspirational dialogue for the day and provide up to date information about good practice.  Participants will have the opportunity to select from a varied choice of workshops and have ample time to network with colleagues. Participants will be provided with the latest information and practice to support young people develop the skills required to make positive choices to prepare them for the next stages of their lives.

Workshop choices will be sent out late February.

Sign up here:

for further details contact:

Safer Internet Day 2014


If you could ask Facebook, Twitter, Xbox or BT a question, what would it be?

Do you want to know what Xbox game ratings mean? Not sure how to report abusive comments on Twitter? Do you know how to set parental controls in your home provided by your ISP?

Through Safer Internet Day TV you can now ask these questions directly of the people, who make these decisions. We have a panel of experts from Facebook, Twitter, Xbox & BT who will be answering questions about keeping children and families safe on the internet on 30 January in Belfast! The film will become part of our SIDtv programme on Safer Internet Day, 11 February 2014.

We are calling parents, carers and grandparents to send in their questions to be answered by these experts, who are involved directly in shaping privacy, safety and content rating features on Facebook, Twitter, Xbox & BT in the UK.

To see your questioned answered, just tune in to SIDtv on 11 February from 3 pm or 7 pm at

To send your question email BY 23 JANUARY! Just state your first name and how old your children/ grandchildren are and we will try and respond to as many questions as we can.

SIDtv will have special programmes for young children and young people aged 11 -16 too on the day, so encourage them to tune in too to find out more about being safe on the internet!

Join the Safer Internet Day supporters list
Join the Thunderclap – register now to join the tweet campaign on #SID2014

Supporting Outdoor Learning in Secondary Schools

Supporting Outdoor Learning in Secondary Schools

When:            Saturday 1st March
Where:           St Joseph’s Academy, Kilmarnock
Time:              9.30am – 4pm

In the revised GTCS Standards for Career Long Professional Learning teachers are required to “understand and develop the most appropriate contexts for learning including outdoor learning and be able to apply appropriate pedagogies for these environments”. This event aims to support this and build confidence and capacity in the delivery of outdoor learning in secondary schools in particular within Broad General Education (S1-S3).

Throughout the day participants will have the opportunity to attend a variety of practical outdoor workshops delivered by teachers and outdoor partners. These workshops will showcase outdoor learning approaches and will demonstrate how these have been incorporated into practice.

A market place at the event will allow practitioners to meet with outdoor partners and find out more about the range of resources available to further support outdoor learning.

This is a free event open to secondary teachers in Scotland – in particular those who are starting out on their outdoor learning journey and wish to develop their confidence in taking the curriculum outdoors. There is an expectation that those who attend this event will be willing to share their learning with colleagues in their establishment.

Registering for this event:

If you wish to attend this event please register online by Wednesday 19th February @

Early registration is advised as this event is likely to be very popular. Workshop choices will be sent out mid-February.

If you would like further information about this event please contact:

Fiona Cruickshanks, Development Officer, Outdoor Learning

Expressive Arts Conversation Day 2

As agreed prior to the initial Expressive Arts Conversation Day that was held in Stirling on 25th November 2013,  for those local authorities who were unable to send representatives to the first event, a second national Expressive Arts Conversation Day will take place at Eden Court Theatre on Friday 28th March, from 9.45 am to 3.45 pm.

The event will have two key purposes:

  • to identify and discuss emerging and known issues in relation to expressive arts education with a view to agreeing actions to overcome the challenges associated with these issues
  • to establish a national primary expressive arts community

Scotland Sings – Celebrate Burns

Join us live from the Glow TV Studio on Friday 24th January at 9.30am as we celebrate Burns with a feast of Scottish songs – and accompanying instruments!!

Sing along with us and learn some new songs and some new Scots language as well!

You can also tell us what you are doing to celebrate Burns in your schools – we want to hear about all the exciting things you are doing.

So join us to sing and share in our Burns celebration!

Sign up and join us in Glow TV! – Scotland Sings – Celebrate Burns

The Romans

Join us for another fantastic series of live broadcasts from the National Museum of Scotland which let pupils explore our collections and meet our experts face to face. You can ask questions, come up with answers and explore their object handling collections on screen.

On Monday 20th January 2014 at 1.30pm they will be investigating The Romans. Explore their object handling collection with our expert enabler team and find out more about life in Scotland at the time of the Romans.

Sign up and join us in Glow TV – The Romans

Time for a rethink

“The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones” (Maynard Keynes)

Are we teaching industry, business, product design, materials and energy in a way which prepares the next generation for a future which is likely to take a quite different path to the present?

High and volatile commodity prices, the soaring cost of energy, the depletion of known stocks of materials, and damaging environmental consequences are all signs of a faltering industrial economy which follows a linear take, make, dispose path.

There is a consensus for change among key thinkers about how our future should be shaped.  Paul Hawkins (author of Natural Capitalism), William McDonough and Michael Braungart (Cradle to Cradle), Janine Benyus (Biomimicry 3.8), Gunter Pauli (Blue Economy), and Walter Stahel (The Performance Economy) argue for a new industrial revolution which would be characterised by these four key points:

  • A radical rethink of how we use resources
  • A biomimetic approach, in which waste becomes food for another cycle
  • The development of new business models based on performance rather than ownership
  • The need to take a regenerative, rather than ‘less bad’, approach to how we design

The work of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in promoting a circular economy is informed by those thoughts.  The argument is that we have to find a way of using things without using them up; that we need to stimulate a design revolution; that we need to strengthen the economy, get more people in employment and prepare for a world of 9 billion + people. 

There are signs of a change underway: key institutions, like the World Economic Forum, the EU and the Scottish Government, have embraced the thinking.  Universities are teaching the model and researching the possibilities.  Remanufacturing is beginning to take off, new business models are being developed.  Technology – particular the mobile web, the internet of things and additive manufacturing – brings the circular economy a step closer.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation supports teachers to understand and teach the thinking behind a circular economy in three ways. 

Composition in the Curriculum

The first meeting of the composition working group took place on Thursday 9th January. Throughout the day the group entered into lively discussion regarding the role of composition in the lives of young people and ways in which it could be supported in our schools.

The first meeting of the group was seen very much as a starting point to engage practitioners in a national conversation with the aim of building on existing good practice, developing creative approaches to composition and supporting delivery of composition in schools.

Throughout the day the group focussed on four main questions:

• What are the barriers to the development of composition in schools?
• What key skills need to be developed in learners to progress their abilities as composers?
• What would creative work in composition look like in schools?
• What could useful support for practitioners look like?

We would like to invite practitioners across sectors to join the conversation and share their thoughts and experience on the above questions which will help identify key issues and inform next steps for the working group.

We appreciate you taking the time to respond and look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Big Big Sing – Songwriting Competiton

Write a Commonwealth Games song!

Big Big Sing is a nationwide celebration of singing that will inspire thousands of people to get singing in the lead up to and during Games Time. As part of this project, Big Big Sing is running an exciting songwriting competition open to Primary and Secondary School pupils in Scotland.

Big Big Sing invites pupils to write a song inspired by the Commonwealth Games, pupils can work individually or as a class to write a song between three and five minutes in length. With the games just around the corner there’s no shortage of inspiration for budding songwriters!

There’s a fantastic prize on offer which includes having a video of the winning song made and performing the song in front of thousands as part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme! One winning entry will be picked from each category (Primary and Secondary School) by an expert judging panel.

Prize up for grabs:

– A special video of entrants performing the song

– A recording of the song included and promoted on the Big Big Sing website

– A performance spot at the BIG Big Big Sing event in Glasgow during July 2014.

For full guidelines and to find out more about the competition and the project in general please visit

Pitlochry High School – third school to receive Game On Scotland Plaque

Game On Scotland ambassador Holly Cram awarded Pitlochry High School with the Game On plaque for the challenges they have set themselves to creating exciting learning experiences in the wake of the Commonwealth Games.

The school has planned a whole year of challenges around the Games, ranging from inter-house activity days with Dragon’s Den presentations of their own mascot design to exploring the Commonwealth values. An extensive programme of sporting and outdoor initiatives support the agenda with swim- and bikeathons, extra curricular athletics, badminton competitions organised by the Youth Sport ambassadors, climbing, kayaking & mountaineering and even ‘Street Dance’ sessions. The school will conclude the year with two major events, the Primary Cluster and the High School Commonwealth Sports Day.

Congratulations and best wishes from the Game On Scotland team.

Scotland’s Environment Youth Discussion

Scotland’s Environment Web is running an exciting competition for young people, with fantastic prizes, and the closing date has been extended until 31st march 2014.

What is the competition about?

What needs to change in your local community that will make a difference to your environment and what role can you play in making it happen?

We want you to answer the question and tell us how you can make your environment better.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to all young people throughout Scotland between the ages of 5-18 whether through your school, as part of a group or as an individual. Prizes to be won, include a backstage tour of the Hydro, tickets to the Irn Bru Carnival 2014/2015 and the Teen Drive electric car event at Knockhill and gadgets like tablets!

For inspiration watch this video from pupils at St. David’s Primary, Dalkeith giving their opinions on environmental issues that matter to them

National Qualifications Course Materials

Education Scotland continues to add sciences materials created by local authorities to the NQ Glow Portal and is grateful to the practitioners and authorities across Scotland who have contributed to date.

We greatly appreciate the most recent contributions from colleagues in North Ayrshire for sharing materials at National 4 and National 5 for Physics and Cell Biology and Multicellular Organisms and we’re also grateful to colleagues in Moray who have shared their N5 Cell Biology materials.

Aberdeen City have kindly shared a range of National 4 and National 5 Chemistry materials.

Education Scotland is also in the final stages of editing course materials for all N3 and Higher sciences qualifications. These will be posted to the NQ Glow portal in February. Please see our STEM e-bulletin for ongoing updates about NQ support.

If you have any materials you would like to share the please contact

Scottish Education Awards – Sustainable School and Global Citizenship Categories

The Scottish Education Awards celebrate the hard work and success which takes place in Scottish education. They recognise the achievements of people who dedicate their lives to children and young people and showcase the valuable work and innovation in Scottish classrooms.

 The awards this year will once again feature a Sustainable School category and also a Global Citizenship category to recognise the achievements of schools that have developed effective whole school approaches in these areas. The awards also support the wider national strategy relating to the Learning for Sustainability Report.

If your school has a good story to tell in relation to global citizenship, sustainability, outdoor learning and play and/or children’s rights then we’d like to encourage you to apply so we can help celebrate your achievements and share your good practice with others. Find out more about the awards and how to apply by visiting

The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday 21 February 2014.

Starting Primary School: For parents who have learning disabilities

Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability

Starting Primary School is a new DVD for parents with learning disabilities who have pre-school age children. It gives them first hand practical advice to help them navigate their children’s transition to primary school. If you are a parent yourself, an advocate or a professional who supports parents, this DVD is for you.

If you would like hard copies of the DVD you can contact George Gordon ( or Robert Knox ( or phone the SCLD offices on 0141 559 5720.

There is a short video Starting Primary School available to view on their website:

Daily What Newsround: Medics Against Violence

Join us for our first programme of the new year on Friday 17th January at 11am with our regular look at recent news stories and a live topical discussion.

This week our special guest is Doctor Christine Goodall from Medics Against Violence.

Medics Against Violence is a group of volunteer health professionals who help young people to stay safe. They visit schools to talk about of the consequences of violence and how to avoid it. Since it was launched the group has spoken to more than 12,000 young people about attitudes to gang membership and violence.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from Dr Goodall and to ask her questions about her efforts to stop young people from getting hurt.

Sign up and join us in Glow Tv or remember you can Watch Again!

SCHOLAR – Modern Languages Events

Glow TV is delighted to offer Higher Students the opportunity to join sessions on Modern Languages provided by SCHOLAR on Tuesday 14th January. These sessions will be presented by Douglas Angus, SCHOLAR Online Tutor for Modern Languages.

There will also be an opportunity for students to participate in a Q&A session at the end of the session.

Higher students – Prepare for Speaking Test – 7.15pm.

Advanced Higher students – How to prepare for External Examiner – 8.15pm

The RHS and Growing Schools Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses for Spring 2014

Available to teachers, support staff, school governors and others who are involved in teaching and inspiring children about plants, gardening and keeping animals in school. A wide range of topics is available, encompassing the use and development of school grounds, thus providing practical experience, activities and ideas for utilising horticulture in all areas of the curriculum.

The aims of this Programme are:

  • To enthuse and support adults in developing and using gardens in school.
  • To support progression through the RHS Campaign for School Gardening benchmarking scheme, levels 1 to 5.
  • To encourage and advise teaching of the curriculum both inside and outside the classroom using, plants, gardens, animals, school grounds and environmental areas.
  • To improve knowledge and understanding of plants, gardening and raising animals in school.

Please note:

  • The courses begin at 10.00am and finish at approximately 3.00pm, unless otherwise stated.
  • Part of the day is usually spent outdoors, so please bring/wear suitable clothing and footwear.
  • Lunch is included in the cost.
  • Payment is required before the course date. Please send a non-refundable cheque made payable to the RHS or request an invoice with your booking.
  • Further information and directions will be sent shortly before the course.


£60 per person

For further details about the courses and to register your school for the RHS ‘Campaign for school gardening’ visit:

Climate Week 2014 – Countdown!

It’s time to start planning for Climate Week – eight weeks from now on 3-9 March 2014. It is Britain’s largest climate change campaign, with half a million people attending over 3,000 events each year.

Climate Week is about how people can live and work more sustainably, and you can run any kind of event or activity you wish. Here are some ideas:

Enter the Climate Week Challenge, a competition for small teams in schools and workplaces. It needs no preparation, is free and helps develop innovation and teamwork. There are one-hour and one-day versions – register here.

Enter the Climate Week Awards for professional achievement that is helping to create a more sustainable society – click here to find out more. Deadline – February 14th 2014.

Run a Climate Week Swap event at which people can exchange clothes, books or children’s toys they don’t want any more – find out more here.

Please remember to register your events and activities with Climate Week – they will then be listed as an official part of Climate Week, encouraging others to take part and so growing the movement for environmental change.

The Royal Institute Public Events Programme January to April 2014

The Royal Institute’s public events programme will provide something for everyone!

Events spanning a wide range of fascinating and cutting edge topics will include crystallography, Einstein and quantum theory, mathematics and the cosmos, surgical technology, evolution and a light-hearted series that pits Art against Science.

This year the Institute will celebrate the achievements of women in science with its first ever women-only line up for the Friday Evening Discourses.

This year’s Life Fantastic theme will raise many more questions beyond the lecture titles: Where do I come from? Could I live forever? Am I a mutant?

The Ri are teaming up with the online science engagement event, I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here, to extend the CHRISTMAS LECTURES discussion, by giving everyone all over the world the opportunity to have their questions on Life Fantastic answered by developmental biologists, online.

The site has been open for questions from the very first broadcast of the CHRISTMAS LECTURES on the 28th December and will run throughout January. Everyone can ask questions, and teachers can book their classes into half hour Live Chats with the scientists.

Find out how to ask your questions on Life Fantastic at

Also, the Life Fantastic Family Fun Day on Saturday 15th February will provide an opportunity to meet University of Oxford lecturer, Alison Woollard

For further information click on the link below.

Learning from extreme weather and flood news releases in Scotland

Over the festive period, persistent rain across Scotland has taken its toll on communities throughout the country. Areas such as Ayrshire, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway have been hit particularly hard, requiring people having to be evacuated from properties or rescued from areas where rising river levels have placed people in immediate danger.

A number of emergency meetings were been held by the Scottish Government resilience team before the new year – many involving ministers. Local multi-agency response arrangements have since been initiated in a number of places across Scotland to support those worst affected and to mitigate the impact.

The Scottish Government newsroom has released several articles in relation to the extreme weather. The following links can be used to access more information:

Flooding response continues:

Latest Weather warnings:

Vigilance urged as flood threat continues:

Flood Threat Continues:

Weather – Scotland’s Response:

More information can also be found from BBC news footage:

UK weather report – Sever warnings:

High tide in Ardrossan:

Dumfries and Galloway flooding:

A full account of 2013’s global weather and links to climate change can be also be found at:

For teaching and learning ideas related to extreme weather, flooding and climate change, visit the resources section of Education Scotland’s ‘Ready for Emergencies website’.

Also be sure to sign up for free flood warning in your local area through the SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) website:

Astrobiology Summer Academy 13th-16th July 2014

The Astrobiology Summer Academy is a four day CPD programme (Sunday to Wednesday) for Biology AND Physics teachers to learn about the science of Astrobiology and work with researchers and lecturers to develop CfE lesson plans for topics such as ‘extremophiles’ (CfE Higher Biology) and ‘life in the Universe’ (SCN-3-06a, SCN 4-06a).

During the four days you will learn about the origin of life, the possibility of life on other planets, and the study of life in Earth’s extreme environments, such as in the Antarctic ice sheets and deep ocean hydrothermal vents.

The expectation is that during the four days you will also take part in the development of distinctive lesson plans to be implemented in schools shortly afterwards and made available to teachers. These lessons plans will be consistent with the CfE curriculum and you will receive assistance in bringing them together.

 There are 20 places available for teachers and you can register your interest at

 Further details from

Charles Cockell,
Professor of Astrobiology,
Room 1502,
UK Centre for Astrobiology,
School of Physics and Astronomy,
James Clerk Maxwell Building,
The King’s Buildings,
University of Edinburgh,
Twitter: @UKAstrobiology

UK Centre for Astrobiology:

Higgs Prize Winners

First Minister Alex Salmond announced the very first winners of the Higgs Prize for physics.

The Higgs Prize is awarded on merit to two pupils from a publicly-funded school who have shown outstanding performance in the Advanced Higher Physics exam.

It was established in recognition of the impact Nobel Physics Prize winner Professor Higgs’ theoretical work has had on modern day particle physics. Its purpose is to reward and inspire Scotland’s best young school physicists. The award winners will visit the internationally renowned CERN research facility in Switzerland to take part in its summer school and a specially designed programme of events.

The inaugural Higgs Prize winners are:

Lucy Willets-White, formerly of Boroughmuir High School in Edinburgh, now studying Physics at Imperial College, London. At the moment she intends to stay in physics, either in industry or research.

Peter Rhodes, formerly of Madras College, St Andrews, and applying for further study starting September 2014. At the moment he is interested in a possible career in neurology and psychiatry.

The First Minister also confirmed that £4 million funding will be provided to support Professor Higgs’ legacy. This will include a £2 million contribution to the Higgs Centre at the University of Edinburgh, alongside an additional £2 million to support a new generation of young researchers in physics and mathematics at universities across Scotland, through the Scottish Funding Council.

Announcing the Higgs Prize winners, the First Minister said:

“Professor Higgs’ achievements are hugely inspiring for our young people and his commitment to encouraging our next generation of scientists is well-known. It’s very fitting that we mark his globally recognised work through the Higgs Prize.