Scotland’s Environment Web Competition

Your environment, your views – get involved!

Scotland’s Environment Web is running exciting competition for young people with fantastic prizes!

What is the competition about?

What needs to change in your local community that will make a difference to your environment and what role can you play in making it happen?

We want you to answer the question above. Tell us how you could make your environment better. Planet Earth faces tough environmental challenges which will directly impact your future. Everyone can be a part of the solution to these challenges and Scotland’s young people have a key role to play.

Who can enter?

This competition is open to all young people throughout Scotland between the ages of 5-18, whether through your school, as part of a group or as an individual.

You can also enter the Young Reporters for the Environment competition if you are eligible.

Join our Glow meet too at 11am on 6th November to share your story and ideas and to have the chance to win a further exciting prize of £200 to purchase Citizen Science equipment for your establishment:

For more information, visit