Scottish Water – Science/Resilience Education Resources and Volunteer Programme

The Scottish Water organisation provides a range of educational resources through their website These include:

Scottish Water Volunteer Programme – Launched in Spring 2011, Scottish Water has a team of enthusiastic volunteers located across different locations in Scotland to deliver a range of talks and presentations to schools and organisations. The programme is highly rated and praised by local communities who have benefited from its input to date.

Teaching and Learning Modules – Recently developed teachng ideas in relation to experiences and outcomes from Early to Fourth level of CfE, covering topics ranging from water safety to climate change and pollution.

All About Water Factfiles – Teaching notes to help practitioners deliver learning around water themes. These contain useful links to other relevant websites, downloadable posters and other resources to enhance practice.

Discover More Section – Further edcuational resources including water films and links to the Water Ways exhibit at the Glasgow Science Centre.

Partnership Work with Go Safe Scotland

Scottish Water has also been recently working in partnership with Glasgow City Council and Go Safe Scotland to launch an education programme and resources in conjunction with members of the emergencies services. Find out more at