Equalities in STEM education – An exciting professional learning opportunity

Education Scotland is offering a very exciting opportunity to any practitioners interested in looking at equalities issues around STEM. The facts are stark in this area.

“In Scotland, 27% of women graduate in STEM work in the sector they qualified in, compared with 52% of male graduates.  This means that of the 56000 female STEM graduates in Scotland, just over 15000 continue to work in the sector.”

The Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2012.  Tapping all our Talents: Women in STEM: strategy for Scotland, 10.

“23% of the most socially advantaged pupils aspire to become a scientist, compared to just 9% of disadvantaged pupils.”

TISME, spring 2013.  Interim Research Summary, ASPIRES project:

What shapes children’s science and career aspiration age 10 – 13, 7.

This is an opportunity to develop a fuller understanding of the issues and consider approaches to tackling them.

The first of two day long sessions will include a morning with SLF keynote speaker Dr Avis Glaze, Edu-quest International Inc and Former Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario. Dr Glaze brings a wealth of experience and expertise in addressing issues of equity and this is a unique opportunity to spend time with her in a small group setting. The afternoon will consider relevant research into equalities across STEM and how this is relevant to practitioners’ own contexts. A second day will be planned for early 2014 and will be held in a STEM industry setting with an opportunity for practitioners to share their own experiences and thinking and hear about equalities in STEM from a business perspective.

There are 20 places available to any interested practitioners and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in taking part please email Diane Carson at Diane.Carson@educationscotland.gov.uk .The first day will take place on Tuesday September 24th in The Optima building in Glasgow. The second day will be held in early 2014 in an industry setting, date and venue are yet to be confirmed.