New CfE briefing on political literacy

Education Scotland has published the latest in a series of briefings on Curriculum for Excellence. This briefing covers political literacy. It offers guidance to practitioners around how best to deliver political literacy for all learners. This resource was developed with key partners in the delivery of Curriculum for Excellence.

Dr  Bill Maxwell, Chief Executive of Education Scotland, said, “The aim of this resource is to help teachers and other practitioners to improve political literacy amongst learners, this includes ensuring they understand and appreciate differing opinions and that they can appreciate equalities and fairness for all and the right of every citizen to make up their own mind.  I would encourage all practitioners from early years, through school years and adult education to read this guidance and use the resources we are making available to help increase political literacy amongst all learners.”

Bruce Robertson of ADES said, “This is a very useful resource for practitioners and gives good advice on the different approaches to political literacy in the classroom.  The coming year will be an active time for politics in Scotland and being aware of how best to deal with these types of conversations, how to use this context in education and ensuring a fair and balanced approach are all of the utmost importance.  ADES looks forward to helping promote some of the resources Education Scotland will be making available for practitioners.”

John McCormick, Electoral Commissioner for Scotland, said, “Many young people will be able to participate in the forthcoming referendum and we need to ensure they have access to impartial information and support to develop the skills to take part confidently.  We will be providing information about how to register and vote but teachers and youth workers have an important role to play in developing political literacy. We are pleased to see this being taken forward through CfE  and hope that it will be used to promote the skills young people need to participate fully in the referendum.” 

Download a copy of CfE Briefing 14, Political Literacy.