Wise Up Wednesday: New Parent Resource

The Scottish Government’s play, talk, read campaign encourages parents and carers to incorporate playing, talking and reading within their daily routines. By playing, talking and reading with their children more often, parents and carers can lay firm foundations for children’s long-term learning, behaviour and life chances.

The play, talk, read website offers a fun, one-stop resource that is easy for parents to use, with lots of handy tips and advice. Digital books, an online community, interactive videos, games and promotions are available for use on the site. Parents can also watch TV advertisements from the campaign and gain top tips and advice from other parents.

Registering with the site allows parents to access a new interactive mobile phone app for parents and children to play together wherever they are. During the game parents are given prompts such as to take turns, and count the bubbles with their child. Having played the game parents are then invited to visit the play, talk, read website for more play ideas.

The app is available for both android and iphones.