Science on the Menu

Do you have an appetite to run a Science Club?  Hungry for new ideas?  Then our mouth-watering menu of food and drink investigations is for you!  Science on the Menu not only dishes up a tasty feast of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) experiments for upper primary, but also a goody box stuffed with science equipment and teachers’ notes.  S1/S2 can also get a slice of the action by requesting a DVD with a full menu of experiments and teachers’ notes (resource kits are limited to primaries only).  

Pick ‘n’ mix from our range of Light Bites experiments or get your teeth into our four multi-week “mains” projects.

Light Bites:

Tongue Twisters – tasting with your nose

Our Daily Bread – “Rise to the Challenge” by investigating yeast

Tootie Frootie – fruit experiments

ThirstQuenchers – purifying water – “The Deserted Island Challenge”

Takeaway – experiments to do at home



A Lot on Your Plate – investigating starch, sugar, protein etc

Sow ‘n’ Grow – looking at properties of soil

The Chocolate Box – investigating issues at a struggling chocolate factory

The Great Scottish Dessert Challenge – an enterprising project to invent a new frozen dessert – thanks to the wonders of science, no freezer is required!

What’s in the kit?


Test tubes and tongs, pipettes, gloves, pH indicator strips, aprons, gloves, beakers, neodymium magnets, funnels, eyeshields, mortar and pestles, scales, digital thermometer, blotting paper, filter papers, chemicals with safety notes, food colouring, bimetallic strips, batteries and battery holders, marbles, croc clip leads, motors, pulleys, buzzers, switches, Teachers’ Notes and pupil report sheets.


Whetted your appetite?  Then apply for a free kit by 30 September.  A limited number of free investigation kits (valued at £200 per kit) are available for registered primary Young Engineers and Science Clubs – you can register online at   You will be notified by mid October if your application has been successful.  Secondaries are welcome to apply for the DVD.

Whose Going to be Gone?

Gone is an inter-active, cross-curricular alcohol education programme developed for use with S2 pupils by NHS Forth Valley.  The programme examines 4 characters as they transition from primary school to secondary school.  The themes addressed in the programme include growing up, the changing nature of friendships, pressures and choices, alochol use , s*xting and resilience.

Sign up for the workshop at the Scottish Learning Festival on Wednesday 19th at 3pm.