Join Author Helen Hendry

Slowly Wins the Day: A modern day version of the Tortoise and the Hare is a book filled with passion and determination that also promotes exercise. This especially timely story tells of a little girl who loves to participate in sports but always comes last.

Even though she is saddled with the name “Slowly”, she still enjoys the thrill of competing and has never learnt to quit. A new fitness teacher joins the school and gives the children inspiration; encouraging them by telling them the story of Robert The Bruce. The teacher discovers Slowly has a special talent and a sport which she can excel.

The story shows that if you try hard enough you can succeed and that everyone has a talent and delivers a clear message about exercise and sport, that it should not be seen as a punishment but enjoyed by everyone.

It is a picture book and is approx. 1000 words, suitable for ages five to eight.

Join Helen live from Corstorphine Primary School in Edinburgh on Thursday 27th September at 10.45am as she reads her book and then you will have the opportunity to ask her questions!

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