The Standard for Career Long Professional Learning

GTC Scotland have been working on a revision of the Professional Standards, and will publish drafts of each of the revised standards in August for consultation, with a view to publishing the Standards at the start of 2013.

Join us in Glow TV on Wednesday 5th September at 4pm to find out more about The Standard for Career Long Professional Learning.This draft standard aims to support teachers to continually develop and advance their thinking, learning, practice and expertise. The actions, knowledge, skills and abilities identified in the SfR will continue to be the foundation of practice with teachers who are working with this standard evolving and developing their practice and expertise further and beyond the registered level. The Standard recognises that during their careers teachers may undertake a variety of roles within and beyond the classroom. It also recognises the potential leadership roles that all teachers have.

This session will be led by Tom Hamilton, Director of Professional Learning at GTC Scotland, and will explore the thinking behind the development of this standard, as well as some of the planned content. Sign up and join us in Glow TV for this event.

If you missed the first Standards for Registration Glow TV event on 30th August you can view it in Glow TV’s Watch Again section.

Other forthcoming events include Standards for Leadership and Management on 13th September with a final session on all three standards The Revised GTCS Professional Standards on 27th September.