New resource site launched for CLD practitioners

The CLD Standards Council has developed a web-based framework to support creative and innovative learning and development for CLD practitioners.  i-develop is part of the Standards Council CPD Strategy, “A Learning Culture for the Community Learning and Development Sector in Scotland”, and is based on the values, principles, skills and competences they need as communities, individuals and employers.

The Framework integrates the theories and practices that help shape effective CPD for the CLD sector, such as peer sharing, communities of practice, learning journeys and reflection-in-action in order to shape a learning community of practitioners across CLD.  i-develop is free to access and open to all CLD practitioners – full time staff, part time and sessional workers, volunteers, activists, students, managers, leaders, new hands and those more experienced.

The CLD Standards Council is now looking for local champions to promote i-develop to colleagues, partners and networks in their area. If you are interested in becoming a champion, please contact Alan Milson.