National Training and Development Network for CLD

We would like to invite you to the next National Training and Development network event at the Stirling Management Centre on Thursday 3 May. Up to this point a small group has been involved in planning the purpose and focus for the network. The purpose of the network is to provide a platform whereby those who are responsible for developing CPD within the context of CLD in Scotland, can be actively involved in developing a sustainable learning culture. This will contribute to the CPD framework that is currently under development to support the CPD Strategy for the sector.

We would like to invite you to register your interest in this open network to:

  • Ensure we have a consistent representation from across partnerships and the 3rd sector.
  • To gain an overview of the resource we develop through the network to encourage a culture of learning and sharing experience and resources.
  • To establish a picture of what members are looking for to support their role in developing CPD within their role in CLD

For more information contact Mandy Toogood, Development Officer Upskilling or Neil McIntosh, Development Officer Youth Work

To register please click on the link also attached is a draft programme.