Building the Curriculum 4: Moving into the senior phase

Building the Curriculum 4: Moving into the Senior Phase. How Skills for learning, life and work develop within qualifications

Wednesday 18th April 2012 @ 16:00 on GlowTV

This Glow Meet is appropriate for all practitioners in secondary schools, and a recording of the session will be made available shortly after the event for practitioners in colleges and community based settings

Building the Curriculum 4 supports the planning, design and delivery of the curriculum in early years’ establishments, schools and colleges. It sets out skills for learning, life and work showing the importance of developing them for all Scotland’s learners.

How can we build on skills learners have from their broad general education when they move into the senior phase? Should they be ‘naturally occurring’ or are they too important to leave to chance? During the session we will discuss how they feature in the new National qualifications, think about how they are/might be incorporated in subject areas to develop what learners need for their life now and in the future.

A key aim of this Glow Meet will be to promote discussion and to inspire practitioners to explore different approaches to skills development in the senior phase. Participants will have a key role in this session – to share enthusiasm, ideas and practice.

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Here’s the recording of the Glow Meet…

…and you can click here to get the PowerPoint which was used.