Would You Credit It Workshops

The SCQF Partnership are running a series of “Would You Credit It?” workshops throughout 2012/13.

These FREE interactive workshops will introduce participants in some detail to the SCQF and the criteria which will determine whether a learning programme is suitable for Credit Rating. It is designed to support individuals and organisations who are developing, or who already have, a learning programme which they are considering having Credit Rated for the SCQF.

The workshop will provide key information about the SCQF, how it can be used, and how Credit Rating processes are carried out. It will consider the development of programmes which are suitable for Credit Rating.

After completing the workshop, participants will have a sound knowledge of the SCQF and will be able to make an informed decision about whether a learning programme is suitable for Credit Rating and the next steps they need to take. No detailed knowledge of the SCQF is required to take part in this workshop.

The workshops will be held on:

  • 18 April – Glasgow
  • 22 May – Glasgow
  • 11 June – Edinburgh

The booking form is available here.

Contact: SCQF, Tel: 0141 225 2922 [ e-mail | website ]