Marks on the Landscape – new design challenge

Education Scotland is today launching an exciting new design challenge. Aimed at 2nd to 4th curriculum levels, the challenge can be incorporated into planning for a number of curriculum areas including art and design, social studies, religious and moral education, technologies and sciences, and the themes of sustainability and global citizenship.

Learners are invited to create a design for a 2-sided billboard to signal the entrance and exit to Scotland. The work should offer different perspectives for people who are arriving and people who are leaving. Themes might reflect why people need to leave their native countries or why they would want to come and live in Scotland today.

Support materials and further instructions for this challenge can be found on the Marks on the Landscape website. Entries should be submitted by 21 June 2012.
A number of the learners’ designs will be displayed on the Education Scotland website.

For further details please contact:
Pat Campbell

Feeding the 7 billion

An expert panel discusses the main issues around food security and how science might help fill your plate in future. Part of Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Food shortages, price rises, civil unrest and riots are all real threats as demand for food rises and the amount of land suitable for food production decreases. Journalist and broadcaster Viv Parry will lead our panel – Professor Julie Fitzpatrick (Moredun Research Institute), Professor Peter Morgan (Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health) and Professor David Hopkins (Head of Life Sciences, Heriot Watt University) – in an accessible and interactive exploration of the main issues around food security and how science might help secure the future of our food. Presented by Moredun Research Institute and the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health.

This event is also being run in Aberdeen as part of the British Science Festival on Saturday 8th September.  The panel will be the same with the addition of Dr. Cesar Revoredo-Giha from SAC. 

 Phone: 0844 557 2686