The Great Climate Change Debate – Join us on Glow

A series of interactive and lively Glow meets  

In November this year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change launched a report warning that climate change is likely to lead to more extreme weather. Within weeks of this launch, Scotland was battered by severe flooding and hurricane-force winds which brought much of the country to a standstill. Is our climate already changing? What will climate change mean for Scotland? How can we respond positively and adapt to the changes ahead? 

We’re inviting your school to join the great climate change debate. We’ll be bringing together a panel of scientists and experts to answer questions, spark debate and discussion and help learners navigate their way through climate fact, fiction and controversy.

 Each Glow meet will take place from 2pm to 3:00pm. These events will be aimed at learners in secondary schools and upper primary.

Please see links below for further details about each event:

GLOW MEET 1 Our changing weather and climate 23Jan12 – To view the recording click here

GLOW MEET 2 Climate science evidence vs controversy 30Jan12 – To view the recording click here

GLOW MEET 3 Adapting to climate change 6Feb12

For resources and videos on climate change visit STEM Central, Weather and Climate Change, Exploring Climate Change and Climate Change on Glow.