Glow Does Panto! – Mister Merlin

Join the Tron Theatre Glasgow Panto characters for a live Glow Meet.

Mister Merlin’s magic is mince if he doesn’t have his wand – a family heirloom handed down through many Merlin generations. The Great Bahooky’s magic has always been mince – so stealing Mister Merlin’s wand, helped (or is it hindered?) by his side-kick Bumble, is part of his cunning plan for wizard world domination.

What he didn’t bank on was Merlin having a guardian angel, in the guise of The Govan Fairy; or two plucky puppet pals Peter and Penny prepared to brave Clabber Castle’s haunted garden to get the wand back.

You will be able to meet the cast, ask them questions and find out all about the magic of Mister Merlin. –
Sign up now and join us in Glow TV on Wednesday 21st December from 1.45 – 2.30pm.

您好 大熊猫– Nín hǎo Dà xióngmāo – Hello Giant Pandas!

Having arrived safely at Edinburgh Zoo on 4th December the Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang (or as we know them Sweetie and Sunshine) are now ready to face their public! Having been lucky enough to see them last week I can tell you Yang Guang is already a media star – Tian Tian is still a bit shy though!

The enclosure will be opened to the public today (Friday 16th December) and we will be broadcasting live from the zoo the following Tuesday (20th December from 9.30 – 10.30am) live with the experts who have been looking after the pandas and with exclusive footage of them settling in to their new home.

Our expert panel comprises of Alison the Team Leader of Carnivores, who has responsibility for the care of pandas at the zoo, alongside their Chinese keeper, Scott who is here for a few weeks to help them settle in. We also hope to involve Prof Tang the Chinese vet who is also over here for a few weeks keeping an eye on the pandas with the zoo team.

So why not join us on the day and find out more out our exciting new Scottish residents?! – Sign up today in Glow TV.

It’s a cook-off!

Eighteen youngsters from secondary schools across East Ayrshire recently competed in a hard-fought competition at The Cook School Scotland, in a bid to win a place in the all-Ayrshire final.

The cook-off was for S3 pupils studying Home Economics/Hospitality. In schools, budding chefs prepared a main course for two on a budget of no more than £5. Top two from each school were selected to compete in the East Ayrshire heat.

Click here to read more about this great example of partnership working.

The Great Climate Change Debate – Join us on Glow

A series of interactive and lively Glow meets  

In November this year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change launched a report warning that climate change is likely to lead to more extreme weather. Within weeks of this launch, Scotland was battered by severe flooding and hurricane-force winds which brought much of the country to a standstill. Is our climate already changing? What will climate change mean for Scotland? How can we respond positively and adapt to the changes ahead? 

We’re inviting your school to join the great climate change debate. We’ll be bringing together a panel of scientists and experts to answer questions, spark debate and discussion and help learners navigate their way through climate fact, fiction and controversy.

 Each Glow meet will take place from 2pm to 3:00pm. These events will be aimed at learners in secondary schools and upper primary.

Please see links below for further details about each event:

GLOW MEET 1 Our changing weather and climate 23Jan12 – To view the recording click here

GLOW MEET 2 Climate science evidence vs controversy 30Jan12 – To view the recording click here

GLOW MEET 3 Adapting to climate change 6Feb12

For resources and videos on climate change visit STEM Central, Weather and Climate Change, Exploring Climate Change and Climate Change on Glow.