How gender affected my education?

When I was at primary school I don’t remember any differences between how the girls and boys were treated differently. In our play time I remember not wanting to play imaginative games with the girls and would rather of ran round playing football with the boys so that is what I did. However the boys didn’t see a problem with this and neither did the teachers however the girls in my class used to be strange about the idea. I presume this was because they saw the rest of their gender doing one thing and I was doing something different. However I remember there being a football club and those girls who found it strange for me to play at play times used to come.

The divide between boys and girls I first saw was when I went to secondary school and when we were picking sports in P.E. to do, some sports girls weren’t allowed to do like rugby and the boys were rarely seen playing netball. Some pupils felt very out of place and argued to be able to play the same as the other gender as that’s what they would have preferred and it could be said it stopped them from developing a liking for that sport.

When I was at school I don’t remember there being a difference between how behaviour was dealt with as lessons didn’t have more disturbances from one gender than the other. However there was one teacher who preferred girls to boys and would offer to do lots of work for the girls to get there projects completed.


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  1. Amy Burnett

    I like the perspective from which you have looked at this idea. It is a good point that gender did not affect everybody. To give your post more strength perhaps you could talk of instances where gender was an issue, even if these experiences weren’t necessarily your own.


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