This section aims to support all practitioners working across a variety ELC of settings to develop their confidence, skills and knowledge required to use devices and platforms that are required in the ELC sector in Scotland.

Spotlight sessions and The Digital ELC Practitioner Toolkit of anytime/anywhere webinar recordings is the associated CLPL.

You can also look for all the relevant ELC/early level practitioner YELLOW events on our CLPL calendar on the Webinars page.

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Anytime/Anywhere CLPL

ELC prac toolkit header - The ELC Practitioner Toolkit provides an introduction to digital collaboration and communication, including support on the tools available and approaches to consider. It is a flexible 'anytime, anywhere' pathway allowing…

Supporting resources

ELC supporting res header - When learning with and through technology, we pay close attention to digital literacy (living, playing and learning; consuming creating and communicating with digital technology) and computing science (exploring how technology…

ELC Practitioner Feedback Opportunity

DRAFT ELC Practitioner Digital Literacy framework / baseline core skills

Practitioners should be aware of the digital platforms and resources available in their setting /local authority and develop their confidence, understanding and benefits of these technologies and use them for communication, collaboration, planning, facilitating learning, capturing/documenting learning, and assessing learning. 

We welcome practitioner feedback on the sections below.

What do you think an ELC Practitioner Digital Literacy Framework/Core Skills should look like?

create, store and share resources using the cloud
  • Use online cloud storage, such as OneDrive or Drive to create, store and share documents
  • This might include creation of documents using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace in Glow

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​communicate with peers
  • Communicate with peers using digital platforms including email, chat and virtual meetings
  • This might include use of Teams or Classroom in Glow to message, meet or share files with colleagues

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create and manage online staff collaboration spaces
  • Create and manage online collaboration spaces within a digital learning environment
  • This might include use of Teams or Classroom to create and add colleagues to.

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accessibility tools
  • Use and share accessibility tools available to them and their learners via digital devices in order to meet the needs of learners
  • This might include use of Microsoft 365 in Glow’s built-in accessibility tool, Immersive Reader, or other additional tools on platforms and devices as available in your setting

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