This section aims to support teachers to develop their skills and knowledge required to use the Microsoft 365 platforms that are common in schools across Scotland.

The Digital Teacher Toolkit is the associated CLPL.

The Educator Digital Literacy framework is the associated evaluation document.

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The Microsoft Innovative Educators (MIE) in Scotland network is led by educators across Scotland who are skilled and knowledgeable in using M365 to support learners and enhance learning, teaching and assessment.


Use this link to go to the MIE Scotland site

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The Microsoft Educator Center provides free training in the use of features in all of their apps, including those available through Microsoft365 in Glow.


Use this link  to go to the Microsoft Educator Centre

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Microsoft provide certified training programmes for educators.  Use this link to see what is available and gain accreditation for your professional learning.


Use this link to go to the Microsoft Educator programmes