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06 May, 16:00 – 17:00, Royal Academy of Engineering ‘Connecting STEM Teachers’

The Royal Academy of Engineering ‘Connecting STEM Teachers’ programme (CST) aims to create a national network of support for teachers across all STEM subjects, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to engage a greater number and wider spectrum of school students with STEM in their school.

The programme provides free STEM project resources and training, professional development and enhanced learning experiences for teachers attending network meetings.

Those registering for the webinar will receive a sample set of the Academy’s recent resource – Engineering in a Pandemic.

Other national STEM resources will also be presented at the session, with a follow up meeting in June to share ideas with colleagues from other schools.

This is a two-part session and a full class set of resources will be sent to you or your school between the two meetings.

Engineering in a Pandemic resources have been developed with school teachers and engineers to lead pupils through a series of theory and practical activities that explore the vital role of the engineering community in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The activities are linked to discovering engineering disciplines, creating solutions to problems, recognising properties of materials and how product design and development have been influenced by changing lifestyles.

These resources provide teaching and learning activities for use in STEM clubs, for a STEM challenge day or to enhance and add context to the Curriculum (whether it be delivered in school or at home).

An important aim of this resource is to enable teachers to engage their pupils with STEM through hands-on activity and stimulating engineering contexts.


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22nd April 2021 Design Thinking with Tinkercad

Design Thinking with Tinkercad 

22nd April 2021, 4:00 – 5.00pm 

Demonstrating how Tinkercad can be used with learners to develop creativity and to introduce the use of Computer Aided Design within the Technologies Curriculum.

This session will take you on a tour of how to use the free CAD software, Tinkercad. We will also look at how digital design can support learners and how these tools can support creativity and learning across the curriculum.

A staff Glow account will be required to access the Microsoft Team where the session will take place.

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25 Jan, 2021, 15:45 – 16:45 Delivering Content Online for secondary CDT practitioners

This webinar will look at how practitioners might deliver new content to learners in an online environment.  Register Here  

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This webinar will look at how practitioners might deliver new content to learners in an online environment. This will cover an overview of the tools/pedagogies to deliver flipped/asynchronous delivery and live/interactive sessions and we will have practitioners sharing how they are delivering this in their schools.