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Activity 11 – Snowman Algorithm

Day 11 – Build a snowman algorithm


  • How do you build a snowman?
  • How many steps are there?
  • What are the important features of a snowman?
  • What steps come first, next, last etc.
  • What position should the parts be placed in?
  • What materials and parts will you require? (If there is no snow outside, what else can you build with or use to create an alternative 2D snowman?)

Create an algorithm (sequence of instructions) to show how to build a snowman. Capture your algorithm on paper/whiteboard/drawing app by drawing or writing it down. This Barefoot handwashing poster might help you to get started. Please also see the Collaborative Crazy Characters activity in Barefoot bytes resource.

You can create your snowman with snow, playdough, clay, plasticine etc or by drawing/painting a 2D snowman, similar to the Collaborative Crazy Character activity. 

To make sure your algorithm is is working correctly, you will need someone else to help you test it. You might want to explore taking on the roles of programmers and testers from CS Unplugged.

Will your friends be able to follow your algorithm to correctly build the snowman or will you have to debug the algorithm, to find the bugs (errors) then tinker with a different sequence in your algorithm and try again? This is why it is helpful to capture you algorithm on paper. You may not need to change the whole algorithm if you can spot the bug(s).

You might want to try out the algorithm sequencer template  to help you organise your sequence of instructions.

Supporting resources for creating your algorithm:

Try it for yourself and share your algorithm with us on social media @digilearnscot using #12DaysofCreativity