What is Internet Safety?

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The Scottish Government (2017) states: “Every child and young person has an age appropriate and evolving understanding of the opportunities and risks which exist in the online world.”

This is defined within these outcomes:

  • Children and young people are aware of their rights and responsibilities in the online world
  • Children and young people are resilient and are equipped to help themselves and their peers
  • Children and young people are able to identify when they, or their peers, are at risk, and know what to do if they spot something

Internet safety deals with events and issues that are cyber enabled – that means it can be an issue online and offline. Cyber enabled issues include viewing inappropriate content, sharing images and videos, and harmful communication, such as cyberbullying and grooming.

Dealing with internet safety requires support with behaviours and understanding the needs that drive those behaviours, more than the use of an internet-connected device. When using the internet we want our children and young people to be safe, smart and kind.

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