What is Cyber Resilience?

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The Scottish Government (2015) states that: “Cyber resilience is being able to prepare for, withstand, rapidly recover and learn from deliberate attacks or accidental events in the online world. Cyber security is a key element of being resilient, but cyber resilient people and organisations recognise that being safe online goes far beyond just technical measures. By building understanding of cyber risks and threats, they are able to take the appropriate measures to stay safe and get the most from being online.”

Cyber resilience deals with events and issues that are cyber dependent – that means it can only be an issue when an internet-connected device is involved. Cyber dependent issues include hacking, phishing scams and malware, such as ransomware.

In order to deal with cyber threats and to become more cyber resilient it is important we support learners to make their devices and platforms as safe and secure as possible – this includes steps such as setting passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Cyber Advice

Passwords and 2FA

Cyber threats

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Supporting Financial Education

In the UK, we spend more money online per capita than any other nation. So, if our learners are spending money online – how are you supporting them to be as safe and secure as possible? What threats are they likely to face when spending money online?

your money matters textbook

Your Money Matters is a FREE financial education textbook for Scottish schools – chapter 6 looks at cyber resilience in financial education.

cyber resilience in financial education

This page has more cyber resilience in financial education, as well as other numeracy and mathematics contexts.

Barefoot Computing Resources

These lessons plans with activities were created by Barefoot Computing. They are free to access from Barefoot Computing and link to CfE.

You’re the Cyber Security Expert

The Phisherman Game

You’re the Jury

Code Cracking



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