St John’s: Adult Pledges

Following their discussions with Granton’s Community Ambassadors on 14th November 2017, adults pledged to:

I pledge to listen to what all children have to say  Simon – Police Officer

I Verity, Police Officer, pledge to support every child that asks me for help. 

I promise to always listen to what children ask or tell me and act upon it if need be. Gina McGroarty PSA

I pledge to listen to every young person who ever comes to me for help and I pledge to do everything in my power to make things better. PC O’Connor

I will listen to children and help them find solutions to problems they experience in and out of school. PC Dickson

I pledge that I will always respect young people and always be here to listen to them when they need my help or advice. PS and to eat less McDonalds!!! Greig.

Keep kids safe with kindness and hopefully they trust me if they need help. Mrs Singh PSA

I will always try to listen to all children that come to me for help. If I can’t help them there and then I will go back to them as soon as I can. Charleen Wait Conroy, PSA

I will make sure that children are safe in the playground – I will keep confidential if any child shared any information – I will try my best to listen to children and solve their problems. F Khan, PSA

I promise to try hard to listen to children’s points and not just say try to ignore people who are annoying you. Helen Kame, PSA.

When a child come to me in the school or playground I will try my best to listen and reassure them to the best of my ability and hopefully make that child better in themselves. Moira Scoular, PSA.

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