Granton: Community Ambassadors Workshop

Today, our team of Community Ambassadors held their first adult workshop. The workshop’s adult participants were a team of Police School-Link Officers (SLOs) who work with Granton Primary.

Together, our Ambassadors and adults discussed Human Dignity, Empathy, Trust and Kindness. We played the Ginormous Dice Game and drew a treasure map showing where children felt safe or unsafe and talked about why. We thought about the people that children can trust to help and support them at home, in their community and in school. We had a great discussion about whether children are able to overcome their fear of talking to strangers if that “stranger” is a police officer wearing a uniform.


To finish our workshop, we asked the adults to make a pledge to children about what they will do to make the world a healthy, happy and safe place for children to live and to grow. Read what the adults pledged here.


Big thank you to our Police SLOs for coming in to listen to our Community Ambassadors. We hoped you learned why children think it’s important that they have a right to be listened to and to be taken seriously.  Thanks also for sharing your memories of what if felt like to be bullied as a child.

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