St John’s: Sandy’s Story revisited

Last week the Community Ambassdors helped to re-write Sandy’s story to change the difficulties he faced, including giving him his own room and a friendly school where everyone was kind. We went through the new story and finding examples of trust, empathy, kindness and human dignity.

Comments and observations


“It takes a long time to get trust again if you lie”
“If someone has bullied you or hurt you in the past it is really hard to trust them again”
“When you trust someone you can tell them anything and they will help you”

Watch a short film about Trust


“When you put yourself in someone’s shoes”
“Lots of people start bullying because they have had bad experiences- like being bullied themselves or shouted at by their parents”

Watch a short film about empathy:


“Being friendly, generous, considering others”
“Sharing is important”
“It’s good to help people and make them feel welcome”

Watch a short film about kindness:


“Children should be seen and heard!”
“Adults need to listen to children so they can protect them”
“Giving children space helps them have human dignity”
“It’s good to be able to help your friends”

Watch a short film about human dignity:

Our questions for adults: What can you do to make children trust you? How can you make children feel listened to?

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