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Everyone Can Code

When you teach code, you’re also teaching logic, creativity, and problem solving—skills all students need for the future. The Everyone Can Code curriculum from Apple introduces students to the world of coding through interactive puzzles, playful characters, and activities for both in and out of the classroom. And from the start, they’ll learn to code in Swift, the same programming language used by professionals to build powerful apps.

Everyone Can Code is a set of free resources built around the Swift Playgrounds app that inspires students to code and solve real-world challenges. It includes teacher and student guides that offer flexible, engaging lessons designed to work for an hour or an academic year.  There are complementary Swift Coding Club materials for after school clubs.  App showcases give aspiring coders a chance to celebrate their ingenuity with the community, whether they’re learning in or out of the classroom.


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Everyone Can Code – Inclusive App Design Activity

Great apps start with great ideas.

Inspire your students’ great ideas with an hour‑long Inclusive App Design Activity. Learners will identify problems they care about, then plan, prototype and share app ideas that everyone can access and understand.

Each step features additional resources and tips to simplify the lesson for early learners or extend the activity using the Everyone Can Code App Design Journal for years 5–9 or the Develop in Swift App Design Workbook for year 10 and up. Learners also have the option to experiment with code for their app ideas in the Swift Playgrounds app.

Educators Steve Bunce, Matt Hanlon, and Lyndsey Balfe are hosting a special #CodeWeek webinar on 21st August 6pm CEST to go into these resources in detail. You can register for the event here

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