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  • Columns

    The Columns Block allows you to insert text, media, and other types of content into columns – limit 6. When used one after another, the columns can create a grid effect.  Read more about the columns block on WordPress.org Notes on the ways to add a block. This is a paragraph block inside a column block. After […]

  • Image

    Image Block – Documentation – WordPress.org Tip – Group to add background Image Tips | Glow Blog Help Below is a video, no sound, that shows inserting an image, changing it’s type to a Cover block and back. Clicking on the setting icon on the top toolbar will open more settings. This is where you […]

  • Headings

    For headings, documentation: Heading Block – Documentation – WordPress.org Some examples. The appearance will depend on your them and any styles you may have set. The Heading block unsurprisingly produces a heading. The block supports heading levels H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. You should probably not use the H1 block, that is usually […]

  • Paragraph

    The paragraph is the basic block. Paragraph Block – Documentation – WordPress.org A new paragraph block is created if you tab or press return in the title field. Once you are working in a paragraph block a new one is created if you press return. When you are working in a paragraph block the Floating […]

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