Using Photography in Teaching

Digital photography can be a useful tool and activity in the primary classroom. Almost everyone uses it, often without any formal teaching. Produce an illustrated guidance poster, video or hand-out for primary teachers and or pupils in the use of this medium. Consider aspects such as image quality, subject matter, composition, inclusion, accessibility, potential health and safety risks, privacy, storage, printing and compile a list of potential uses around the school.

The use of photography for learning in primary school is often overlooked. When I was in school, the option to do photography never came up till high school, I have no recollection of it being included in my primary education. However, I feel it is crucial to engage in photography from an early age as it opens up a whole world of discovery and allows children to express themselves in ways they feel more comfortable in. As some children find drawing or acting too daunting with lacking in confidence, cameras allow them to discover art in a way they don’t consider to be art or even learning. This allows us to change children’s perceptions of art in that anyone can do it, you don’t “have to be good at art”. In fact, it changes their view of school as photography is a prime example of how we can make learning enjoyable for our pupils. I feel it is crucial to manipulate any source of enjoyment to enhance a child’s education.

I have created this guidance poster to demonstrate how digital photography can be a useful tool within primary schools. Additionally, i have considered aspects such as subject matter, potential health and safety risks and privacy.

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