Writing in Role

Choose an everyday object from around you (e.g. a chair, a pen, the tv…). Use the drama convention Visualisation to explore what it would be like to be that object. If it could hear, what would it hear? If it could see, what would it see? If it could feel, what would it feel? Write a short description of the world from the point of view of your object.

My life is spent inside a dark cupboard, only to see the light of day when my services are required. Every so often I hear the click of the kettle and that is when I know I am needed. The tip tap of feet followed by a blinding light and a hand reaching out. Ahh…boiling water flowing into me once more, making me feel all warm inside. My bottom resting on a saucer with a rich tea to keep me company. Today, I am lucky for y owner is joined by a guest. Listening to voices above me, I soak in all the gossip as the liquid from inside me is slowly sipped away. Then, I am dipped into fresh, soapy water followed by a soft tea towel brushing against my ceramic skin drying every inch of my body. That is when I know I am starting my journey to the dreaded cupboard that I call home, where I am put to rest. Empty inside, I feel cold and unwanted till the next time…

How would you develop a human character from your object? What might they look like? Sound like? Move like? Think and feel? Write a brief character description. Include drawings if you wish. 

Cup looks happy and quite young, dreaming of a life outside the cupboard. Their voice very squeaky and quite chirpy. They move as if they are jumping, hopping from A to B. They feel very empty inside when not used and lonely, they think of a better life on the outside.

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