Exploring Characters

Choose a well-known story. Create ‘role on the walls’ to demonstrate how the main characters feel (inner) and how they are perceived by others (outer). Create a still image carousel to retell the story using just 3 or 4 key scenes. During each still image, use thought tracking to externalise what each character is thinking during that moment.

As a group, we chose the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and discussed how the pigs felt when their house was blown down vs. when their house wasn’t blown down, as well as how the wolf felt after being defeated. This allowed us to really get into the mindset of the characters and how they were feeling before creating our still images.

We recorded our still images and also considered the thought tracking element as a way of informing the audience of how each character is feeling at that time.

  • In the first image, we used the chairs to represent the house for three three little pigs and we are all happy in our own homes. Thought tracking – “I love living in my house next to my brothers. So pleased with my house built with straw.” – pig
  • In the second image, the wolf has appeared and blown down the first house, 2 pigs are still happy, however, the first pig is distraught. TT – Yas, blown my first house down.” – wolf
  • In the third image, the wolf has blown down another house so now 2 pigs are distraught and 1 pig is still happily in his home. TT – “Oh my god, can’t believe the wolf blew down my house, I’m homeless!! I shouldn’t of used sticks to build my house!” – pig
  • In the fourth image, the wolf tries so hard to blow down the last house, but is unsuccessful and the house is still standing with the pig inside. TT – “So happy I built my house with bricks, that wolf will never blow it down.” – pig
  • In the last image, all the pigs go round to the house built with bricks, set up a home inside together and live happily ever after. The wolf is very angry that he was unable to blow the house down. TT – “I am so angry I couldn’t blow that house down, I will get those pigs one day!!” – wolf


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